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It’s been fun transitioning over to Timelines for Business Pages. Wow does this give you much, much more functionality.


4 quick steps

1. Add a cover image – 851x315px – there is a free site a bit glitchy but it can help you design one in a few minutes – www.timelinecoverbanner.com.

NOTE: You can’t solicit in your cover banner (so “No Like this Page, BUY, etc)


2. Add a profile button. You probably already have one of these but might want to change it so it works better for you. Size 180x180px.


3. Check out the four boxes under the cover banner! These are apps and with the exception of photos and events you can change the cover of the app (so I made one point to the Like” – hint, hint)


But I discovered the best “app” that can make these extra pages for you in about 5 minutes. It’s called Lujure.com – first page is free and if you use the templates and follow instructions you can create really neat pages, super quick. And it’s only a one time fee of $30 for unlimited pages… rock on!


4. Watch your “about” section. This is coming from your settings and can be altered to make more sense now that it’s got some prime real estate.


Now for the over-achievers:


5 . Fill out your Timeline with some fun facts about your companies history by clicking the Milestone button in a new post (but want to unclick “post to wall” if doing a bunch).


6. Pin a post on top. In any post – top right corner click “pin” and it will show up at the top of your timeline for a longer period.


Hope this helps!




Source: Hubspot 2

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