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Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Which activities do you find you focus on the most? Column A Direct Mail Email Advertising (online & off) Tradeshows Networking Telemarketing   Column B Facebook Blogging Search Engine Optimization LinkedIn Twitter Constant updates to your website If you chose Column A, congratulations you are a control freak. You ight be exhausted and stretched monetarily,…

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Promotional Plan

Here’s a bold statement. There is no such thing as a bad marketing tool, just bad planning. You can choose skywriting, bus benches, TV or the web and it CAN work, if you know the buying patterns of your ideal client and you don’t fall victim to what I call one-dimensional marketing.   Whenever we…

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Yellow Page Advertising

It’s that time of the year, when those of you who have yellow page listings will be receiving calls for renewals, and those of you that are thinking about it, will need to think about booking. Every year in the spring, I get asked 2 common questions about the yellow pages. So I thought I…

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