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Speaking for Leads

I love to write – creatively as well as for business. So last year I decided to take a course at a nearby college to learn how to hone this skill. I learned a very valuable lesson that REALLY should be the GOLDEN RULE for your marketing.   It’s always better to SHOW your audience…

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Inbound and Outbound Marketing

Which activities do you find you focus on the most? Column A Direct Mail Email Advertising (online & off) Tradeshows Networking Telemarketing   Column B Facebook Blogging Search Engine Optimization LinkedIn Twitter Constant updates to your website If you chose Column A, congratulations you are a control freak. You ight be exhausted and stretched monetarily,…

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Media and PR

Have you ever opened up the paper or turned on the TV only to see your competitor being quoted as an expert? Are there times when they are up there speaking to your target audience, when you think, “I know more than this person. I should be up on that stage!”   Well you’re right.…

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Tagline or Talking Logo

One of my clients invited me out for a fantastic night of comedy. Prior to the event, he held a private function that was attended by many successful business men and women. As I was making my rounds, I heard one person after another blow the most powerful marketing tool they have….their talking logo! This…

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