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My Mom Is Twitter Offline

  If you are still trying to wrap your head around Twitter, maybe the following will help.   I often say that if you want to understand Twitter think about that person in your life that is the communicator extraordinaire. For me that’s my Mom….she tweets she just doesn’t do it on a computer.  …

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Marketing Effectiveness

If any of you have ever been so lucky to attend a multi-level presentation or even better a pyramid scheme, you are well aware of the Numbers Game. I always think about it when I recall an old Faberge Shampoo commercial where a women “tells 2 friends and they tell 2 friends and so on…

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Business Card Marketing

Do you have a box of business cards on your desk that you hardly seem to put a dent in before the information changes and a new box is ordered? Or worse yet…are you still working on that same box of business cards that you printed 3 years ago!   Business cards can be a…

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