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What Successful Brands Have In Common (it might not be what you think)

Last week I was attending the Cult Gathering at the stunning Fairmont Banff Springs in the Rocky Mountains that I’m so very proud to call my backyard. Cult brought together some of North America’s top brands to talk about what has made them so successful. From an energy drink that broke 3 world records with…

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5 ways to lose a prospect

If you’ve been around long enough, you may recall an old song called “50 Ways to a Lose a Lover”. Well here are 5 guaranteed ways to lose a prospect. SPAM them – Entering their information into an automated drip campaign or calling them relentlessly. Today that might even include SMS and automated calls. No…

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Media and PR

Have you ever opened up the paper or turned on the TV only to see your competitor being quoted as an expert? Are there times when they are up there speaking to your target audience, when you think, “I know more than this person. I should be up on that stage!”   Well you’re right.…

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