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If I gave you a $100,000 marketing budget what would you do with it?

Let’s face it. Developing a marketing budget for a small business is usually not a very big priority. Typically we just don’t have enough money to warrant having a formal marketing budget. Sometimes we even ignore doing one because it’s depressing. After all if you don’t have any money to put towards a marketing budget,…

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Can Facebook Really Help Your Business?

Every Monday, I am usually checking the Google analytics of my clients and am impressed by those that use Facebook as to how much traffic I see coming to the corporate website via this Social Media Channel. Am I surprised? No. You might be asking why. If so, check out these interesting stats:   No…

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Branding For The Small Business

Posted by Cidnee on Jul 11, 2013 11:31:00 AM Find me on: Is branding really important? Cidnee will share some marketing insights on the importance differentiation makes to small business success.   Topics: customer experience, Service Based, rebranding, Professional Services, ideal client, Strategies for Success, Cidnee Stephen, Duct Tape Marketing, Small Business Marketing, marketing portfolio,…

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Direct Mail As a Small Business Marketing Tactic

Posted by Cidnee on Jun 13, 2013 1:23:00 PM Find me on: Does direct mail still work effectively in today’s marketplace? It can, but Cidnee will share with you a few pointers you need to consider to make this small business marketing tactic one of your Strategies for Success.   Source: Hubspot 2

Advertising IQ

Answer True or False and then check your answer below. Your ad needs to be large to generate a good response. Use a lot of “white” space because people will not read crammed copy. Ads with black text on a light background get a better response than white text on a black or coloured background.…

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Expert Failure

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks thanks to two very interesting events I wasable to attend. Firstly, I had the absolute pleasure to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak last week. He was talking about a concept he calls “Expert Failure.” He was suggesting that once you feel you havemastered your area of expertise, you stop…

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Creating a Promotional Plan

So you have some money to spend on marketing. The big question is, how do you know what to spend it on to minimize risk and maximize return? The answer is through your balanced marketing portfolio.   We all understand the importance of having a balanced financial portfolio, but what about our marketing portfolio? If…

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Customer Follow Up

I admit it. I am a golf-aholic and unfortunately one who has come nowhere NEAR to making it on the pro-circuit. No surprise then, that I was out whacking balls at the driving range the other night trying my darndest to attain some semblance of consistency. It drives me crazy when one goes left, one…

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Tradeshow Marketing 2

Trade shows can be a large investment for a company. Once you have added in all the costs of the space, the booth, the promotional material, and the staff, you need to ensure you receive a strong Marketing ROI (return on investment). Trade Show Marketing Part 1 dealt with determining the right shows to be…

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Promotional Plan

Here’s a bold statement. There is no such thing as a bad marketing tool, just bad planning. You can choose skywriting, bus benches, TV or the web and it CAN work, if you know the buying patterns of your ideal client and you don’t fall victim to what I call one-dimensional marketing.   Whenever we…

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