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Giving Up Too Soon

After giving a marketing presentation to a group of financial advisors, one of their very best in the country got up on stage and proceeded to lay out the key strategies he believed attributed to his success. “Know Your Profitable Client, Provide Exceptional Service, Always Follow Up,” he said. I sat there enjoying this live…

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Expert Failure

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks thanks to two very interesting events I wasable to attend. Firstly, I had the absolute pleasure to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak last week. He was talking about a concept he calls “Expert Failure.” He was suggesting that once you feel you havemastered your area of expertise, you stop…

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Customer Follow Up

I admit it. I am a golf-aholic and unfortunately one who has come nowhere NEAR to making it on the pro-circuit. No surprise then, that I was out whacking balls at the driving range the other night trying my darndest to attain some semblance of consistency. It drives me crazy when one goes left, one…

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