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Can Facebook Really Help Your Business?

Every Monday, I am usually checking the Google analytics of my clients and am impressed by those that use Facebook as to how much traffic I see coming to the corporate website via this Social Media Channel. Am I surprised? No. You might be asking why. If so, check out these interesting stats:   No…

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Differentiation and Positioning

The other night, I was out at my favorite Sushi restaurant. We go there quite regularly because both my son and I are in love with their rolls, especially their Signature Dynamite Roll.   Being the marketer I am, I couldn’t help but notice as the little boats floated around with various dishes, that others…

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5 ways to lose a prospect

If you’ve been around long enough, you may recall an old song called “50 Ways to a Lose a Lover”. Well here are 5 guaranteed ways to lose a prospect. SPAM them – Entering their information into an automated drip campaign or calling them relentlessly. Today that might even include SMS and automated calls. No…

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Customer Service

As business owners and entrepreneurs we can be our own worst enemies. Firstly, we are overly passionate about what we do, and secondly we are highly critical about what we deliver in terms of our product or service. The first is dangerous because we can be so passionate that we just can’t understand WHY people…

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Value Added Proposition

When a prospective buyer is looking at your product or service, he or she is really comparing you to the competition. So the question is, are they comparing an apple to an apple or an apple to an orange? It is vitally important in marketing that you find a way to be THE orange! In…

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Expert Failure

I’ve had an interesting couple of weeks thanks to two very interesting events I wasable to attend. Firstly, I had the absolute pleasure to hear Malcolm Gladwell speak last week. He was talking about a concept he calls “Expert Failure.” He was suggesting that once you feel you havemastered your area of expertise, you stop…

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