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Business Card Marketing

Do you have a box of business cards on your desk that you hardly seem to put a dent in before the information changes and a new box is ordered? Or worse yet…are you still working on that same box of business cards that you printed 3 years ago!   Business cards can be a…

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Places to Advertise

On your invoices and statements On your emails Association, Community and Corporation newsletters On the websites of strategic alliances Lunch rooms of corporations On the windshields of cars There are so many opportunities to promote your product and service for less money than you think. Think about the habits of your audience. Is there a…

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Tradeshow Marketing 2

Trade shows can be a large investment for a company. Once you have added in all the costs of the space, the booth, the promotional material, and the staff, you need to ensure you receive a strong Marketing ROI (return on investment). Trade Show Marketing Part 1 dealt with determining the right shows to be…

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Creating Powerful Promotional Material

Nothing saddens me more when I’m out at an event or opening my mail than seeing BRUTAL (that’s right, BRUTAL) promotional material. Let me describe it. First, like something out of a horror movie, I find myself staring at a home made business card or worse, the tri-fold brochure (start the creepy music). At the…

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