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Branding For The Small Business

Posted by Cidnee on Jul 11, 2013 11:31:00 AM Find me on: Is branding really important? Cidnee will share some marketing insights on the importance differentiation makes to small business success.   Topics: customer experience, Service Based, rebranding, Professional Services, ideal client, Strategies for Success, Cidnee Stephen, Duct Tape Marketing, Small Business Marketing, marketing portfolio,…

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Direct Mail As a Small Business Marketing Tactic

Posted by Cidnee on Jun 13, 2013 1:23:00 PM Find me on: Does direct mail still work effectively in today’s marketplace? It can, but Cidnee will share with you a few pointers you need to consider to make this small business marketing tactic one of your Strategies for Success.   Source: Hubspot 2

Where's Your Wow

I discovered this little piece of heaven on holidays this year. It’s a place on the Sunshine Coast in Canada, and I fell in love with it so much, I have gone back twice already. Both times that I caught a glimpse of the view, I got goosebumps and my eyes welled up with tears.…

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Branding and Personality

Sometimes we get so caught up in following the rules with marketing that we forget its entertainment value. However, with marketing becoming more community based than ever (thanks to the onslaught of social media channels), you ‘gotta’ inject some personality or you are going to have a much tougher time engaging your prospects.   Without…

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Being More Creative

Do you ever find yourself lacking creativity in your marketing? Let’s face it, it’s always easier to follow the leader, or the masses rather than come up with some form of originality. The great thing about mavericks such as Steve Jobs or Richard Branson, is that they show us what the power of creative thinking…

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Small Business Marketing Plan

It’s funny. When we start a business most of us have dreams of becoming #1 in our industry and taking the world by storm.   Then as the months and years go by our focus becomes first on survival and then on sustainable growth.   As we grow, we might add some different service or…

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Company Story

Think about the last time you and a friend raved about a product or a service. Did you talk about the company’s motto or its whole product line? Of course not, more than likely you told a story about your experience with that company. You might have had a personal anecdote about the person you…

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Creating Powerful Promotional Material

Nothing saddens me more when I’m out at an event or opening my mail than seeing BRUTAL (that’s right, BRUTAL) promotional material. Let me describe it. First, like something out of a horror movie, I find myself staring at a home made business card or worse, the tri-fold brochure (start the creepy music). At the…

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Tagline or Talking Logo

One of my clients invited me out for a fantastic night of comedy. Prior to the event, he held a private function that was attended by many successful business men and women. As I was making my rounds, I heard one person after another blow the most powerful marketing tool they have….their talking logo! This…

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Facebook for Business

One of the frustrations I have had with using Facebook from a business perspective is that, up to now, there were limited ways to give your business the same exposure you get personally. Sure they had “fan” pages, but the updates weren’t coming through the regular newsfeed. Well guess what? This has now changed and…

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