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Google’s Hummingbird Update Takes Content Marketing to a New Level

Google loves its animals and now it has launched one of its newest changes to its Search Engine algorithms – The Hummingbird Update. I like the way Dan Sullivan of SearchEngineLand used the analogy of Google being like a car and Hummingbird being like a whole new engine, even though some of the other parts…

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Content Marketing

This article is meant to be a hands-on exercise. Why? Chances are you already know that you need to be submitting more content into the marketplace to grow your business, but you find this thought overwhelming. So I have a challenge for you, here today. Take one piece of content you have already created (this…

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Marketing Routine

Think about the last time you made a big change in the way you run your business or perhaps even in your personal life. It’s hard to adjust your day to day habits. Sometimes we are even at a loss where to start. The same tends to happen with our marketing. Perhaps you have worked…

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Social Bookmarking for Business

Social bookmarking is a cool concept that allows you to save bookmarks to websites you find interesting or useful. It’s a great idea from a personal standpoint because you can access your favourite bookmarks from any computer. But how can social bookmarking help your business? Okay, I must admit – it definitely has taken me…

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Twitter for Business

What makes social networking so exciting right now is that “the book” is still being written. What I mean by that, is that people are finding a multitude of ways to use tools like Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter to promote themselves and their businesses. Are they producing the intended results? In many cases, the answer appears…

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Promotional Plan

Here’s a bold statement. There is no such thing as a bad marketing tool, just bad planning. You can choose skywriting, bus benches, TV or the web and it CAN work, if you know the buying patterns of your ideal client and you don’t fall victim to what I call one-dimensional marketing.   Whenever we…

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