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SEO and Ranking on Google

If you had to choose a business, which would it be – the most stunning store in the middle of nowhere or a hot dog stand in Central Park, New York? I hope you said the hot dog stand. It has a much larger chance for success even though it may not have cost a…

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Free Offering

Marketing to a prospect is like dating, especially if your prospect is a “trysumer.”   For those of you who are experiencing marital bliss let me remind you of this age-old, sometimes confusing, but always entertaining ritual.   Back in the caveman days dating was easy. The caveman hit the cavewoman over the head and…

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Media and PR

Have you ever opened up the paper or turned on the TV only to see your competitor being quoted as an expert? Are there times when they are up there speaking to your target audience, when you think, “I know more than this person. I should be up on that stage!”   Well you’re right.…

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