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Can Facebook Really Help Your Business?

Every Monday, I am usually checking the Google analytics of my clients and am impressed by those that use Facebook as to how much traffic I see coming to the corporate website via this Social Media Channel. Am I surprised? No. You might be asking why. If so, check out these interesting stats:   No…

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Direct Mail As a Small Business Marketing Tactic

Posted by Cidnee on Jun 13, 2013 1:23:00 PM Find me on: Does direct mail still work effectively in today’s marketplace? It can, but Cidnee will share with you a few pointers you need to consider to make this small business marketing tactic one of your Strategies for Success.   Source: Hubspot 2

Branding and Personality

Sometimes we get so caught up in following the rules with marketing that we forget its entertainment value. However, with marketing becoming more community based than ever (thanks to the onslaught of social media channels), you ‘gotta’ inject some personality or you are going to have a much tougher time engaging your prospects.   Without…

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Content Marketing

This article is meant to be a hands-on exercise. Why? Chances are you already know that you need to be submitting more content into the marketplace to grow your business, but you find this thought overwhelming. So I have a challenge for you, here today. Take one piece of content you have already created (this…

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Advertising IQ

Answer True or False and then check your answer below. Your ad needs to be large to generate a good response. Use a lot of “white” space because people will not read crammed copy. Ads with black text on a light background get a better response than white text on a black or coloured background.…

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Twitter for Business

What makes social networking so exciting right now is that “the book” is still being written. What I mean by that, is that people are finding a multitude of ways to use tools like Facebook, LinkedIn Twitter to promote themselves and their businesses. Are they producing the intended results? In many cases, the answer appears…

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Promotional Plan

Here’s a bold statement. There is no such thing as a bad marketing tool, just bad planning. You can choose skywriting, bus benches, TV or the web and it CAN work, if you know the buying patterns of your ideal client and you don’t fall victim to what I call one-dimensional marketing.   Whenever we…

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Ad Copy

When I sit down with a business owner for the first time, I will always ask them what marketing activities they have tried to-date. Whether they explain them or show me samples, they will often feel that their marketing activities haven’t worked.   “We did trade shows, but that didn’t generate us one customer.” “We…

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Marketing on Facebook

If you are using Facebook personally or are still one of those rare people who aren’t part of what compares in size as being the 3rd largest country in the world, you might want to consider “playing” with some fun techniques here to market your business.   Of course to start with you will need…

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