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Define Your Strategy

Strategy is the foundation of any solid marketing initiative. It defines your ideal client,

your positioning in the marketplace and the creative direction you want to take.


Not sure where you need help? Then why not order our Mini Marketing Audit. Trust us, this exercise alone will get you thinking differently and more productively about your marketing! Once we receive your audit, we will review your information, and then set up a time on the phone or in person with you so you can tell us a bit more about you and your company. At this one hour meeting, we will share some insights on where the opportunities lie to improve your marketing and answer any questions you might have.

$250 (credited when you come on as a client)


Ideal for companies that want have a solid understanding of their target market and position in the marketplace, but want to add the 3 pillars of Credibility Marketing to the mix.  Over 3 months, we will:

  • Conduct a Website Review and outline recommended changes
  • Develop an annual editorial plan and inventory of content required
  • Refresh branding and content sharing strategy for social channels
  • Refresh branding and content sharing strategy for branding and email marketing
  • Develop one new referral marketing strategy for clients and one for strategic partners
  • Outline one new online advertising strategy


$1500 per month for 3 months


With an onslaught of new social media sites, apps and online advertising opportunities, marketing is changing drastically day to day.  If you haven’t updated your marketing system or have NEVER formally outlined a system, this option is right for you.  Strategies for Success will tailor make a marketing system that is geared to YOUR target audience and YOUR corporate beliefs and values.    All our marketing systems focus on credibility marketing and collaboratively building you an effective and affordable way to:

  • Increase Awareness
  • Market Your Products and Services
  • Convert More Leads to Sales


Over a six month period we will help:

  • Define Your Audience Buying Patterns by interviewing your ideal clients
  • Enhance Your Positioning in the Marketplace

    PILLAR 1 – Expertise Marketing

  • Outline and Develop a Comprehensive Content Marketing System to highlight your expertise
  • Create and Refresh Your Social Media Channels and post on your behalf
  • Create a Speaker Kit and approach to land speaking engagements for leads

    PILLAR 2 – Referral Marketing

  • Outline and Develop a Referral system for clients
  • Outline and Develop a Referral system for strategic partners

    PILLAR 3 – Online Marketing

  • Conduct Keyword Research Optimize Content and the Website for Key Search Terms
  • Develop a campaign to increase rankings on Google Develop and run a Google ad campaign
  • Research and recommend other opportunities for online exposure
  • Monitor and Measure effectiveness over the 6 month period


$2000 per month for 6 months


Step 2

Create The Content

Turn your ideas into reality.  A powerful marketing system requires the

perfect mix of communication channels and compelling content

Content Marketing Support

Chances are, you already know the importance of content marketing.  The challenge is staying on top of it and most importantly keeping your followers engaged.  Quality content marketing:

  • Helps position you as an expert in your field
  • Helps your rankings with Google
  • Builds likability and credibility with prospects.


Here is a sample of pricing and the type of support we can provide on a monthly basis

  • Refresh Social Media Banners and Page Content
  • Write and publish 2 blog posts each month & promote via social channels
  • Promotion of content via 1 email marketing piece each month
  • Social channel posting, monitoring – 5 relevant posts per week going to Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook
  • Monthly reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) & quarterly recommendations


$850 per month (min. 4 month commitment)

Other services include:

  • Creation and Submission of Press Releases
  • Editorial Calendar Creation
  • Website Content Creation & Optimization

Content Creation and Promotion (eBooks, Guides, White Papers)

Nothing helps to explain a complicated process, your benefits and your expertise like a substantial piece of content.  Not only can we help with production, but can start the ball rolling on promotions as well.


  • Interviewing key staff
  • Writing, design and keyword optimization
  • Design and publish promotional landing page,
  • Create copy for 3 online ads and 5 social media posts for promotion.


$2500 for a publication up to 15 pages in length

Website Development

There is a difference between website design and website development.  Designers are there to ensure the site resembles the brand and developers are there to make sure it meets your marketing needs.  We specialize in designing and developing websites that are marketing machines.  That means we bridge the gap between the creation of a functional site to one that we feel will market for your 24/7.   We begin with understanding the needs of a visitor to your site, savvy planning to help them move from area to area, up to date designs, optimized and quality content for rankings and lead conversion and reporting so that you can identify what is working and what is not. We ONLY create websites in WordPress because we believe they serve you the best.


  • Marketing System Tune UP
  • Project Management,
  • WordPress Website Development,
  • Up to 7 pages of Key Content Development,
  • 1 Landing Page Template
  • Keyword Research
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Setting up of Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools and Weekly Reporting.
  • Training of back end CMS


Starting at $5000


Step 3

Generate Leads

Somehow your target market needs to KNOW you exist.  Did you know there are only 4 ways?

Online, Referrals, PR or Promotions (incl Advertising & Sales)

Lead Generation

Lead generation needs to find the perfect balance between effectiveness and budget.

We can:

  • Identify a creative mix of lead generation tools
  • Help formalize an affordable marketing budget
  • Create your campaigns
  • Measure the effectiveness


Here is a sample of pricing and the type of support we can provide on a monthly basis

  • Identify, create, and publish 1 paid email marketing communication to a publication in your industry per quarter
  • Design and monthly management of paid search advertising with 1 of the following – Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn
  • 1 Public relations outreach per quarter with an online press release
  • 3 Public relations outreach per quarter via a media/blogger post or comment
  • 1 Social channel engagement campaign per quarter
  • 1 Call-to-action landing page per quarter
  • Monthly reporting on key performance indicators (KPIs) & monthly recommended changes


$2000 Per/Month with a minimum 4 month commitment


Step 4

Convert Leads

Getting leads to find you and like you is one thing.  

Getting them to buy from is another

Lead Nurturing Communication System

Lead nurturing requires a strong understanding of what an interested prospect needs and then providing them with the right info at the right time.

  • Up to 15 Steps of Lead Nurturing
  • Lead Nurturing Strategy
  • CRM review and recommendations
  • Lead Nurturing Content Development and Design


from $1500 Per/Month for 4 months


What if….

I need it all!

Annual Online Marketing Suite

Outsource your entire online marketing system for less than the cost of one salaried administrative assistant! Our annual program combines content marketing, lead generation and lead conversion into one monthly fee. You receive all the elements of our Marketing System Development, Content Marketing and Lead Generation packages as well as: 1 Lead Nurturing Communication System per year 1 Piece of Content Creation and Promotion per year.

From $3000 per month – min. one year commitment

By far the best value! Combining services will save you over $2000 per year!  Contact us to help you define what you need and an exact monthly cost.


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