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Tagline or Talking Logo

One of my clients invited me out for a fantastic night of comedy. Prior to the event, he held a private function that was attended by many successful business men and women. As I was making my rounds, I heard one person after another blow the most powerful marketing tool they have….their talking logo! This…

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Successful Marketing Plan

January is such an exciting time for businesses. Owners normally find themselves rejuvenated after the holidays and ready for an even BETTER new year. The desk gets cleared, the blank pages come out, the pen is poised and the first question that comes to mind is, “where do I start?”   Here is the thing…

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Social Media Marketing

The key with social media is a bit like your holidays vs. work days. A nice balance can make a world of difference. Too much will keep you hiding behind a computer and too little – well chances are you won’t know what you are missing out on!   As a marketer, I find this…

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Facebook for Business

One of the frustrations I have had with using Facebook from a business perspective is that, up to now, there were limited ways to give your business the same exposure you get personally. Sure they had “fan” pages, but the updates weren’t coming through the regular newsfeed. Well guess what? This has now changed and…

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