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Direct Mail As a Small Business Marketing Tactic

Posted by Cidnee on Jun 13, 2013 1:23:00 PM Find me on: Does direct mail still work effectively in today’s marketplace? It can, but Cidnee will share with you a few pointers you need to consider to make this small business marketing tactic one of your Strategies for Success.   Source: Hubspot 2

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Intuit is running a contest where they are granting small businesses $5000 to do something cool in their business – check it out for your own business here!   We have currently posted our wish as the grant would help us develop some software for small businesses that create strong marketing plans easily and affordably.…

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Is Your Website “Soooooo 2008?"

2008 may not even seem that long ago to some of you. But so much has changed in marketing since then that quite frankly a website even developed in 2010 can seem – well – “old school.”   According to Pew Internet & American Life Project back around 2008, only about ½ the North American…

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Creating New Marketing Habits

  One of the best ways I know to get something new done that really matters in your business is to give it the importance it deserves. There are few ways you can do this.   The first is to understand the role it plays in your business and/or life. You may have come across…

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The #1 Secret to Successful Social Media

It seems like 2012 was the year of Social Media. Not only did we have even more new players, but there appeared to be more pressure than ever for businesses to get on the bandwagon of posting and tweeting to their market.   And just when it seemed the business owner managed to get his…

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Long-term and Short-term Link Building Strategies

by Megan Webb-Morgan   Link building is a powerful SEO tool; through various tactics you can boost your search engine rankings and niche authority. Along with standard online marketing practices, such as good web design and social engagement, you can increase your page rank and gain a much broader fan base.   When links to…

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My Mom Is Twitter Offline

  If you are still trying to wrap your head around Twitter, maybe the following will help.   I often say that if you want to understand Twitter think about that person in your life that is the communicator extraordinaire. For me that’s my Mom….she tweets she just doesn’t do it on a computer.  …

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The Power of Solution-Based Strategies

As small business owners, we tend to avoid a deep dive into strategy at the best of times. Face it, we are usually too busy fighting the day to day fires, keeping up with communications, and managing the finances. Yet the time always comes when we need to put down the fire extinguisher long enough…

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Where's Your Wow

I discovered this little piece of heaven on holidays this year. It’s a place on the Sunshine Coast in Canada, and I fell in love with it so much, I have gone back twice already. Both times that I caught a glimpse of the view, I got goosebumps and my eyes welled up with tears.…

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Timelines for Business Pages

It’s been fun transitioning over to Timelines for Business Pages. Wow does this give you much, much more functionality.   4 quick steps 1. Add a cover image – 851x315px – there is a free site a bit glitchy but it can help you design one in a few minutes – NOTE: You can’t…

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