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Are You Wasting Your Marketing Dollars?

No matter what size of company you are, your marketing budget is likely never as high as you would like it to be. It is this precious commodity; your investment into your own company stock. You need it to perform. You need it to help grow your company. The question is, are you using it…

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How to Create an Effective Ad Campaign for Facebook's News Feed

  Facebook tends to be a very challenging platform for marketers. Think about how competitive the Facebook News Feed is. You’re not only competing against other ads for the user’s attention, you’re also competing against the user’s friends and family. Essentially, for your ads to be effective, users have to find them as interesting as…

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Non Traditional Marketing & Why It’s So Effective

Reason #1 – Consumers & Trust A recent report from Nielsen research reveals that many consumers do not trust traditional forms of advertising. Ads on TV, radio, billboards, and in newspapers all received less than a 50% rating as an indicator of consumer trust. By contrast, non-traditional advertising strategies like word of mouth marketing and…

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How to Get Your Website Mobile Friendly Under an Hour and For Very Little Cost

  With Google announcing their new algorithm, heavily weighted around Mobile friendliness, many small businesses are stressed.  What if you don’t have the time or money right now to re-do your website? Or worse, what if you don’t even know whether your site is mobile friendly or not?   This discussion came up yesterday with…

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Choosing an Online Credit Card Provider

1). Urgency – how fast do you need an online payment provider set up The answer however isn’t that simple because it really depends on the following factors:  2). Monthly Sales – what are your estimated monthly sales?  At higher volumes, certain providers can save you a substantial amount in processing fees. 3). Adaptability – do you need a provider…

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The Age of Ahhhhh-dvertising

Recently our pin below on Pinterest went a bit viral.  Sure it’s a cool use of negative space but I’m sure what made it so shareable was the small message by Fiat in the right hand corner.  Why?  Because when it comes to getting a response on social media these days it’s all about the…

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Marketing Your Seasonal Promotions Online

The Fall is full of opportunities to promote your business in a creative way. With holidays like Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas around the corner and even seasonal changes like Fall and Winter, why not look for some creative ways to promote your products or services in the next few months? Before you say you can’t…

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How Trustworthy Is Your Website?

When you are researching product and services online, do you ever notice how quickly you dismiss some websites because you don’t feel they will deliver?   What about your website?  Will your potential customers run away in fear?  Have a look at this list of website trust factors. If they make you squirm when you see…

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Converting Customers Through Call To Actions

Nothing breaks my heart more than visiting a website that is well laid out and has great content, but has missed the mark in converting visitors into customers through an effective call to action (aka CTA) system.   This is like investing all your money in a beautiful store front but keeping the doors locked…

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